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Artificial Intelligence Concurring Humans

The invention of machines pushed the humans to a great level to do tedious  tasks like the invention of Supercomputers to make the long calculations easy and precise, invention of machines used in factories to replace hard and risky labor work, invention of mobile phones to make communication easier or the invention of washing machines to make the exhausting task of washing clothes easy. But as the development of machines relieved humans from heavy physical work and mental exhaustion, it also made humans loath for more, so as to make the regular day to day tasks easier and to get rid of mental work as well. That’s when scientists enhanced the Artificial Intelligence used in machines to accomplish the tasks without a point to point directions.

There are numerous examples, such as automatic locks being used in cars where in case one forgets to lock it on their own, automatic lights which turn on/off on sensing the presence of human, vacuum cleaners dusting on their own, identity detecting sensors in mobile phones as well as door locks, robots taking place of humans in factories as well as in homes. Sometimes we don’t even notice how much we rely on the “Pinnacle of the age of machines”.

AI Human use

It is everywhere, from our home to our office, on our way to office in traffic control, in the shops/supermarkets, shopping malls (lifts, automatic doors and elevators), hospitals (several machines and instruments helping in operating and keeping track of health of the patient including heart rate and blood pressure), school and colleges, from making train reservations easier in IRCTC’s program, to keeping track of statistics of crimes worldwide etc and where not! Our life is influenced by AI very strongly.

In the beginning, that is years ago the invention of AI was considered relieving as the physical stress on humans was lifted off along with the completion of an impossible task. Now we are on the threshold of getting mentally relieved as well, so relieved that the AI is turning smarter than us and we should now see it as a danger to human existence. It is a threat to job availability, as at several places’ humans are being replaced with Robots even for doing small tasks. Intellectuals worldwide are seeing it as a sign of danger coming towards us in a few years in the form of job scarcity. The need for jobs is increasing at a high rate with an increasing population whereas the usage of machines replacing the human workers is also increasing.

AI vs Human

Also, in recent research, it was observed that the AI used in robots in several laboratories is very quick to capture and learn things from the surroundings. It is a sign that in no time robots will be smarter than humans and they won’t need any program to follow and might be a reason for human’s doom.

We still have time to control this extravagant usage of AI and do the possible physical as well as mental work to stay healthy and safe as Artificial Intelligence was made for the betterment of humans, not to become the reason for their loss.


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